A borderless account in the U.S. The borderless for everyone.

Designed for non-US residents with global financial needs. Available now for passport holders from 31 countries:

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Utoppia app
Utoppia app

Banking services provided by
Synapse Brokerage LLC, a registered
broker dealer and member SIPC,
Lineage Bank, Member FDIC.

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Free Premium account*

Limited version of Mastercard debit card

Limited version of Mastercard debit card

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In regards to the previous question, what type of solution and/or features would help you solve your current needs?

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*A Neobank is a financial technology company that, through integrations with financial institutions and other technology, provides solutions to your banking needs through an App and in a completely remote way.

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Keep your money in a strong financial jurisdiction (FDIC protected).

Debit card

Free US account & debit card for non-residents. No visa required.


Move between classic and crypto finances natively.

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Limited version of Mastercard debit card

Borderless banking solutions.
100% Remote.

Utoppia card

You can live anywhere and still open the account. All you need is your passport. No visa needed. We’re rolling out access gradually.

No travel necessary. All you need is our app.

You can feel like the US citizen, when protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to $250,000. Same as any other bank in States.
Accounts are provided by Synapse Brokerage LLC and the deposits are held with Lineage Bank, Member FDIC.

To or from wallets, platforms and banks. Wherever you are.

You instantly get an account with your own name on it, so you can easily request the money from your employer, partners or payment platforms.

You can balance your personal finances strategy using crypto. Buy, sell, hold, transfer and invest in the most popular crypto currencies natively, from the same app.

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Our own “utopia”


Our world has changed drastically; we behave differently and our priorities have shifted, too. Today, you can impact the world massively from wherever you are. You no longer need to travel, commute or live in a big city to improve your life or others’, close or far from you.

Utoppia was born in this unique moment in history. We belong to this transparent, secure and decentralized ecosystem that is being built right now. We are part of an ever-evolving movement: the outcome of a collection of moments and experiences.

Join us and develop “the borderless version of you”, so you can explore, live, work, create and enjoy the world however you want.

Inspired by a global movement, for the borderless you

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