Our own utopia

"Utopia" is defined as a community or society that has highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.

Sir Thomas More coined the word "utopia" in the 16th century, describing a fictional island society in the southern Atlantic Ocean. From his perspective, utopian thinkers look for better alternatives; from their values, critical vision and new practices, they begin to imagine a better society.

Another definition states that a utopia is an ideal project, wish or plan that is attractive, beneficial and generally in favor of the community, but also not likely achievable. Under the guise of intimate aspiration, man -by the fact of being a man- wishes to achieve true happiness and therefore decides never to abandon his utopia of living in a world in peace and freedom.

Nowadays, the world has changed; digital culture has made borders obsolete; modern technology allows you to access a world that is way broader than your city, country, or region. Doesn’t that sound like a utopia? And the best part is that there's no turning back from this. Our world has changed drastically; we behave differently and our priorities have shifted, too. Today, you can impact the world massively from wherever you are. You no longer need to travel, commute or live in a big city to improve your life or others’, close or far from you.

Utoppia was born in this unique moment in history. A new renaissance is happening in front of our eyes and we can be the main actors of it. We belong to this transparent, secure and decentralized online ecosystem that is being built right now. Utoppia is part of an ever-evolving movement: the outcome of a collection of moments and experiences.

Have you ever stopped to think that someone's crazy "utopic" idea in the past is now something we can't live without? From the discovery of the Americas, to electricity and smartphones, its first believers have never surrendered under others’ criticism and fought to make their visions come true.

So, can you imagine how our world would be if each of us pushed to make impossible things possible, everyone, everyday? The world lacks more utopias!

Therefore, we decided to start building our Utoppia: using technology to develop a solution that would allow everyone to live on this earth as if there were no borders. Join us and develop “the borderless version of you”, so you can explore, live, work, create and enjoy the world however you want.

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